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We would like to thank each and every website  who have put a word about our project as they helped us gain more reputation within their communities . A special thanks to spoon-tamago blog which was thevery first to write an article about our project!

Here’s a glimpse of what they had to say about us!

The Kouraku Kiln was founded in Arita (Saga Prefecture, Japan) in 1865 and has been producing ceramics for the past 150 years. Over that time the facility has accumulated a vast collection of pottery that has, for one reason or another, gone unsold. The warehouse is so vast that some workers use a bicycle to get from one side to the other. And they’ll be the first to admit that even they don’t really know what’s in there. The production facility is now inviting visitors on a “treasure hunt” to try and get rid of some of their stock.

Needless to say that our gratitude goes also to all the other websites, blogs, magazines, TV chanels and so on for  mentioning us on a broader scale.  Last but not least ,we would like to  thank  all of our visitorsaand hunters for putting a good word about us on social media as we’ll work hard to provide better experiences in the near future!


Treasure Hunting Tour Porcelain Warehouse Kouraku Kiln


Treasure Hunting Kouraku Kiln Arita

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  • Annabel

    I’m visiting Arita this coming Friday, and I’m very interested in signing up for the treasure hunt! Are there any spots available?

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