Art residence program of Kouraku Kiln

Art residence- foreign artist working at Kouraku Kiln's factorySince 2013, Kouraku Kiln has offered an Art Residence program that welcomes artists from various locations around the globe.
With a guest house available on our factory grounds, our residence can include not only sculpting but also product design from start to finish.

We can create brand-new concepts using local materials, technology, and firing methods, and, the stimulation of a quiet rural setting.
Artists interested in bringing their creations to market are welcome to make use of our own distribution network.

By hosting artists from around the world, we hope to breathe new life into Arita porcelain. We are looking forward to helping the world’s artists create new paradigms in ceramic design.

In-depth instruction in Japanese pottery techniques is part of our program with emphasis on exploring the endless possibilities in the uses of glazes when combined with the extraordinary properties of porcelain.


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