Kouraku kiln has a division of facilities management. We provide a versatile venue spaces at our sites for your different event, from folkloric nights to conferences and gatherings.

Our site spaces are ideal locations for different events. We will partner ourselves with differents projects to arrange the appropriate venue for a successful event withing the budgets of our clients. Plan your events and submit it to Kouraku Kiln so that we can assist you with the maximum of the events materials, décor and audio visual .

We look forward to working with you to outfit your event with  a variety of equipments, tables, chairs and more. To get you started, you may wish to avail yourself of our previous events, namely:

Cultural and traditional performances event

event kouraku Kiln

event Kouraku Kiln 400th Anniversary Arita

Workshops ( Ikebana, porcelain workshops, Tea ceremonies…)


event Kouraku Kiln workshop




AFTERWORK BBQ & gatherings