Kouraku Kiln was impregnated by the skills of this  french photographer  and world traveler who paid us a visit last year on May, 2015.

We would like to invite you to discover his wonderful work at: http://www.raphaelolivier.com/singapore/photographer/asia/about/

This is what he said about us on his blog:

Kouraku porcelain factory, Arita, Japan. This is one of the oldest in the country and now almost completely abandoned.

Back in 1865, when the factory started operations, it was a very successful enterprise. At the time, Kouraku was one of the biggest and most modern pottery factories in Japan, employing over 500 persons and exporting its products internationally[…]

In an effort to revive this historical heritage relic, local authorities are now sponsoring a program to welcome local and foreign artists to use the factory as a workshop and organize various residencies. The plan is also to open a café and guest-house to generate a little income, which hopefully will help making the global restoration process a success.

Here are some of the pictures he took at Kouraku Kiln:


Kouraku Kiln Factory

Kouraku Kiln bowl


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