Treasure Hunting project

Pimenta Sebastiaõ Treasure Hunting 4
Pimenta Sebastião – Manager/Creator of Treasure Hunting

Treasure Hunting: the history

First of all Treasure Hunting is  for thrifters and  aficionados about porcelain art. As a factory , we’ve been putting the surplus and the unsold products of our production (for the last 40 years) in a massive warehouse wherein we have more than  100.000 treasures, splitted between two rooms . Not to mention that the privileged course gives you a special selection of the pieces which can no longer be reproduced and of which the factory is the most proud.

This attraction is giving a real sparkle to the factory and  is gaining a lot of attention by travelers, tourists and visitors from all around the world. Thus, This is your chance to come and venture into the depths of the warehouse to hunt for a rich collection of japanese dishware an experience a one of a kind excursion. To summarize the concept of this project here is a video about our work:

Essential information about Treasure Hunting

To book your tour for Treasure Hunting, please call this telephone number: (+81)  0983-51-4121

(Mr Sebastiao Pimenta is a linguistic person and can speak: English, Japanese, Portuguese and Chinese)!

You can always e-mail  the coordinator Mr Pimenta  for further details at:

Open hours for Treasure Hunting tour: from 8.00 A.M to 12.00 AM & 1.00 P.M to 3.30 P.M – Monday to Saturday

(Treasure Hunting tour is closed during lunch time between 12.00 A.M and 1.00 P.M and on Sunday)

If you got it right, here are the steps to book your tour:

How to book your Treasure Hunting Tour

  1. Make your reservation by phone

Here is the number (+81)  0983-51-4121. You will get in touch with Mr Pimenta, the manager and creator of Treasure Hunting.
As mentioned before, you can forget about the language barrier with Mr Pimenta ! It will take you up to 2 minutes to get it done with!
Before calling, be sure you have these information:

  • The date and time you chose for your Treasure Hunting tour;
  • Please keep in mind the local time in Japan if you’re calling from abroad! We are closed during lunch break between between 12.00 A.M and 1.00 P.M and on Sunday;
  • The number of people coming along with you;
  • A way to contact you in case of an eventual  modification (email address , facebook or phone number are OK :-))

2. Come at your designated time and select your course (5000 ¥ or 10.000 ¥)

Treasure Hunting 5000 yen room
Treasure Hunting 5000 yen room
Treasure Hunting 10000 yen room
Treasure Hunting 10000 yen room

In the first place, feel free to visit both rooms before deciding in which you would like to hunt!

3. Begin your 90-min treasure hunting tour

Then you’ll be given a pair of gloves (many items are dirty), a flashlight, and a basket. You can also take several baskets  (DO IT YOUR WAY 😉 )

Treasure Hunting Tour - Saga University student
Treasure Hunting Tour – Saga University student (May 2016)

4. Take home everything that fits your bastket
Items collected will be packed either in boxes or plastics bags according to your need. Note that delivery facilities are provided as well if you want your hunt to be sent directly to your place, in Japan or abroad ( information about the shipping fees and others are available on the spot). You can pay when everything is packed and ready!

Treasure Hunting Tour-Packaging items collected

Get a 30-min tour of the factory

Afterwards, we can give you a little tour of Kouraku Kiln facilities if you would like to learn more about the company’s history!


Kouraku Kiln inside the factory

Paule Fattaccioli Art Residence program

Kouraku Kiln Art Residence program studio