Special order of a 5000 cups set for Nestlé Japan

Kouraku Kiln won a request for proposals to design the cups set ordered by Nestlé Japan amongst 500 others designers earlier this year!
Discover the original design of the cup set:

Nescafé designed cups made by Kouraku Kiln - Nestlé Japan

Nescafé designed cup bottom

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Member of Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA)

Kouraku is now a member of the SMETA which a label created by Sedex in order to:

“Reduce duplication of effort in ethical trade auditing, benefiting  retailers, consumer brands, and their suppliers. It was developed in response to member demand for an ethical audit report format that could more easily be shared.”

To learn more about the SMETA label click on the following link to access the content of the website:

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