Our partners

To ensure the balance between quantity and quality and meet the standards of our clients, our production cycle subsumes working with  some of the best  specialised companies accompanying the finest production of Arita Porcelain ware.

We meet any request by mobilizing Arita’s creative power

Kouraku Kiln’s partners in the production process

Saga Cardboard Firm (Limited Private Company)

Accredited as a Saga Prefecture’s corporate building support business in 2003, Saga Cardboard Firm has gathered the wisdom of numerous professionals from 12 different industries to develop the Arita Porcelain Scopes. In 2005, receiving national support, the company succeeded in developing the world’s first Large-Type Arita Porcelain Scope.

main contact: Keiko Kajiwara, director at Saga Cardboard Firm.


We are working with this company which is specialized in decorating patterns on under/over glazed products from our factory.
Main contact: Jun Fukuda, chief of glass production at Seikohsha

Yamatatsu Molds, Ltd.

Partnership with Yamatatsu Molds, Ltd.

Known as the best mold maker in Arita town,our factory steers the actual needs in molds, of the Kouraku Kiln production and the Art Residence program, to the skills of this company which never failed to present a thorough and quality solutions.
Main contact: Yukihiko Yamaguchi

Fuji Materials

Main contact: Yuji Fuji

Saga Porcelain Materials Inc.

Main contact: Tetsuo Fuchigami, director at Saga Porcelain Materials Inc

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Saga Prefecture Arita & Imari Arita (有田) and Imari (伊万里) are two towns in western Saga Prefecture that are known for pottery. They were the first place in Japan where porcelain…

Art Residence program party

Art Residence program: May 2016

Every month, we welcome artists from around the world to join our Art Residence program  as we witness  the involvement of their different backgrounds steering them to make utter amazing…

Partnership with Yamatatsu Molds, Ltd.

Kouraku Kiln seen by photographer Thibault Jeanson

French photographer Thibault Jeanson at Kouraku Kiln Thibault Jeanson and Paule Fattaccioli made it in our Art Residence Program for 20 days. They  are  french artists  and own a ceramics…


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Arita Share Glass Suntory Kouraku Kiln

Arita Share Glass project

For  the 400th anniversary of Arita, Kouraku Kiln has been working on a project with Suntory- Japan to make  Beer glasses for young ladies  to drink beer easily but cheerfully,…

Nonaka Kouraku Kiln

Raphaël Olivier – french photographer

Kouraku Kiln was impregnated by the skills of this  french photographer  and world traveler who paid us a visit last year on May, 2015. We would like to invite you…

Tom Hayes Art Residence program

Art Residence program: June 2016

Every month,  we welcome artists from around the world to join our Art Residence program  as we witness  the involvement of their different backgrounds steering them to make utter amazing…

Earthbag project cover

Earthbag project

Earthbag Village project with Japan EarthBag Association Kouraku Kiln has a global eye for different projects. This time around we decided to go for uniqueness. As an extension to our…



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