Kouraku kiln was established in 1865 and is almost a hundred and fifty years old. It produces both traditional and contemporary tableware. It is famous for its naturalness, authenticity and creativity. Three key elements which steer Kouraku Kiln to have a unique product offering. The site is  directed by the fifth generation head of the Kouraku company, Mr Tokunaga Takanobu who’s now holding a variety of projects aiming to make Kouraku Kiln famous, nationally and internationally, for its refined techniques making porcelain.

Kouraku kiln is located in a small town called Arita which has led the way for pottery market as the birthplace of Japanese porcelain. It has been producing porcelain for about 400 years. It’s in  Kyushu island in south-western Japan about one hour from Nagasaki. The town is surrounded by beautiful mountains and forests. Clear streams run through the back streets between traditional houses and ceramic factories. In the main street, there are one hundred and fifty national heritage buildings. Theses include Edo period buildings as well as Meiji period and Taisho period buildings. The town’s history inherent to ceramics is exhibited in three major museums in the town and also in the showrooms of the old trading houses.

Koraku kiln


Kouraku kiln‘s building (Built from the timbers of a Meiji period primary school) is quite interesting itself. It is spacious, convenient, has a special atmosphere and a real verve.

Business Concept

Manufacturing  that awakens happiness 

Our motto is ” happiness in your household, joy at your table”. Our original creations strive not merely for  beauty, but also to inspire happiness in everyone who uses them.


Kouraku Kiln Nonaka san painting on cups

Manufacturing  that awakens pride

We always make full use of cutting-edge techniques and create a high quality porcelain. we take pride in our original and reliable manufacturing process that leads the way in caftsmanship.

Manufacturing  that connects to Arita

We produce porcelain connected to Arita’s history and culture, as well as its beautiful natural environment. We aim to streghten local production networks and support our community.

Kouraku Kiln courtyard and showroom

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