Earthbag Village project with Japan EarthBag Association

Kouraku Kiln has a global eye for different projects. This time around we decided to go for uniqueness. As an extension to our GuestHouse, we’ll be working alongside  the JEBA (Japan EarthBag Association) through the appreciated help of Mr Hiroshi Nakano to set up  a Village of Earthbag Houses at our site to welcome our guests and showcase our Artists’ work.

Earthbag construction are made of bags filled with inorganic materials which don’t cost much. The building process is quite easy  and can take around 2 weeks of work and the techniques used throughout the process, they are qualified natural but require a certain knowledge and  the right construction materials!

We’re so excited to annouce that the first workshop will be held from the 20th  to the 27th of August 2016 at Kouraku Kiln.

More information about Earthbag village on the following link:

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