Every month, we welcome artists from around the world to join our Art Residence program  as we witness  the involvement of their different backgrounds steering them to make utter amazing work.

On May 2016 ,we’ve got the pleasure to welcome:

Artists coming from Australia

Art Residence Program - Australian Artists during May 2016

Art Residence Program - Australian Artists during May 2016 2

“I came to Arita for the first time, 3 years ago, on a brief 1 week visit, to see the town where porcelain was first developed in Japan.
I was initially intrigued by the history and my natural interest in porcelain.
I made a preliminary visit to Kou Raku Gama, a year later for just one week to work here briefly and see what was possible.
I liked the opportunities available to make interesting work, but in particular, the terrific support that Pimenta Sebastiao san and Tsuru Miyuri san offered as cultural guides.
This support was very important to me. It was not the Kou Raku Gama workshop space alone, which is very basic, which engaged me, but the personal connection with these two genuine cultural ambassadors who encouraged me to return.
I enjoyed my time at Kou Raku Gama and was able to make some good works there.
I may well return again sometime in the future.

Best wishes
Steve from Australia”

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