Every month,  we welcome artists from around the world to join our Art Residence program  as we witness  the involvement of their different backgrounds steering them to make utter amazing work.

On June 2016 ,we’ve got the pleasure to welcome:

Tom Hayes – England


Tom Hayes Art Residence program

Tom is an english artist. He’s been working  in China for the last  5 years in Shenzhen, China. During his stay in Kouraku Kiln, he seized the opportunity to the fullest working on several  art projects asserting the  thorough skills he has acquired from the different residencies he had the chance to do. Cups made by clay and rice mixed together, along with his chinese stamps as an ornement? …This is how polyvalent this guy can get !

Aquino Da Silva -Macau

Aquino Da Silva Cup Calligraphy design 2

Aquino Da Silva plate calligraphy Artist Residence Kouraku Kiln 2

Aquino Da Silva bowl calligraphy Artist Residence Kouraku Kiln 3

Aquino Da Silva is a calligrapher from Macau. As incredible as it may seems, the stunning patterns you might get to see in these pictures is an utter self effort. In just a couple of days, and with his amazing skills, concentration and accuracy, his efforts paid off as we’re proud to introduce his work  at our studio for interested visitors! Furthermore, Macau will  soon witness one of the greatest exhibitions of all time. Our best wishes for Aquino!

Paule and Thibault- France

Paule Fattaccioli Kouraku Kiln Artist Residence 2 program

Paule Fattaccioli Art Residence program

Studio Art Residence program

Thibault and Paule are french artists. We were impressed by their perseverence and dedication to make the best out of their time in our site and in Arita . Their efforts paid off in just 20 days, with more than 100 pieces of cups and bowls and not any kind of cups and bowls,  which we estimate they were days of knowledge, sharing and learning more about the Japanese porcelain. We wish them all the best in the hope of seeing them more successful in the near futur!


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