Alice Tea Party at Kouraku Kiln!!

Tea Party in collaboration with the Multicultural Fitness Community

Can you recall the Tea Party scene in the movie ” Alice in Wonderland“?9ac2d4b5c58d315614fcc4d0ae79f65b

The Multicultural Fitness Community, in collaboration with our crew, has decided to recreate the scene thith the theme of Alice in Wonderland on our grounds, here in Arita and at Kouraku Kiln!

By recreating, we engage. Thence,  let your imagination wander free to enter the Earthbag design competition, sketch it, sketch it and bring your most amazing cosplay! We are willing to turn this event into an international Tea party so bring your friends with you!

The event is scheduled for the 24th of September 2016.

We might want to offer:

  1. Entry to join and take part in the  Earthbag design free
  2. Basic tea set, entry, design for 600¥


Please stay tuned for further information about the party!

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