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Kouraku kiln was established in 1865 and is almost a hundred and fifty years old. It produces both traditional and contemporary tableware. It is famous for its naturalness, authenticity and creativity. Three key elements which steer Kouraku Kiln to have a unique product offering. The site is  directed by the fifth generation head of the Kouraku company, Mr Tokunaga Takanobu who’s now holding a variety of projects aiming to make Kouraku Kiln famous, nationally and internationally, for its refined techniques making porcelain. (more…)

Isehan Cosmetics

Isehan Co., Ltd and Kouraku Kiln are partners for 8 years.

Isehan Co., Ltd was created in 1825.

Every year we work with Isehan Cosmetics on a new product design. So, This year, Kouraku Kiln designed a lipstick container in the style of Edo period.

To learn more about the products of Isehan click on the following link to go on their website:


Koseikan Saga-ken Medical Centre

Koseikan Medical Centre

The Koseikan Medical Centre opened in 1834. 2 years ago, to celebrate its 180th anniversary the hospital made a request to build a present in a special design (the product looks like a book).

To learn more about the history behind the Saga-ken Medical Centre Koseikan click on the following link to be redirected on their website:

Nestlé Japan

Special order of a 5000 cups set for Nestlé Japan

Kouraku Kiln won a request for proposals to design the cups set ordered by Nestlé Japan amongst 500 others designers earlier this year!
Discover the original design of the cup set:

Nescafé designed cups made by Kouraku Kiln - Nestlé Japan

Nescafé designed cup bottom

To learn more about the products of Nestlé Japan click on the following link to go on their website:

Member of Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA)

Kouraku is now a member of the SMETA which a label created by Sedex in order to:

“Reduce duplication of effort in ethical trade auditing, benefiting  retailers, consumer brands, and their suppliers. It was developed in response to member demand for an ethical audit report format that could more easily be shared.”

To learn more about the SMETA label click on the following link to access the content of the website:

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Yossou, Ltd.

Japanese restaurant Yossou in Nagasaki city

The Japanese restaurant Yossou opened in downtown Hamamachi, Nagasaki city in 1866. The restaurant has a certificate of excellence and is one of the most famous in Nagasaki city for its special menu: chawanmushi and mushizushi (steamed sushi). The restaurant worked with Kouraku Kiln on one design for its dishes, looking for high quality material.

To learn more about the Japanese restaurant Yossou and visit their restaurant click on the following link to be redirected on their TripAdvisor’s page:

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